PASVE® was designed to promote workers’ safety and makes it simple and safe to disconnect the transmitter from the process for maintenance and cleaning, without stopping the process or draining the tank.

PASVE® is a ball-type mounting & service valve for Satron VG type level and pressure transmitters, VO optical sensors and other equipment with G1 process connection. To connect Satron VL or VDtL transmitter, please see PASVE® BA.

– PASVE ® enables service and calibration of the transmitter at any time during process cycle
– Transmitter can be isolated or removed from process at any time, no need for emptying the tank / chest
– Rotary movement to open/close valve and connection to the process
– Safety features to prevent accidental removal of the sensor from the process
– Actuator or manual operation
– Several mounting and material options
– Application independent

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